Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Latest on the G Fam!

Hey Y'all! Never knew how much we all said that until the people in Cali started pointing it out. We are loving it in Paso Robles, California. Christian is doing so well at his job and has made some big changes that have been very successful thus far. The company foresees great things in the future and is amazed at all that Christian has accomplished in the little time he's been here. This past weekend he started a tree house in the back for Bella B. He has been really motivated lately to build something so decided a tree house for B would be his project. Needless to say B is excited as well!

Speaking of Bella B, who has currently changed her name to "Barbie" and is fast to correct us if we forget. LOL! That kid is growing leaps and bounds and has learned so much this year at school. She is very artistic (like her dad) and draws on everything all the time. Her and Christian are constantly creating new projects. I find drawings, papers cut up, markers, etc. everywhere I walk and I can't keep the printer stocked with paper. She sees a fresh sheet and goes to work. It's funny, She is learning to write and loves to write me list (because I am the queen of making list) or she'll get mad at us and draw a sad face with a tear on it and a broken heart. She is quite the mess. Never know what that kid will do. She got ticked off at Roar this past weekend and drew a picture of Roary then placed a big X over the drawing. Guess Roar was placed on the "hit" list. LOL!

As for Roar, she is doing great as well. She's has now outgrown me by a couple of inches and is surely becoming a grown girl. Can't believe she is 13.5 yrs. She is doing great in school as well. We are so blessed to have found this little school co-op. Solid Rock Christian Academy has been one of the greatest things we have done since we've been here. The girls love it and we've all made some amazing friends. Roar comes home everyday excited about school and enlightens me on everything she learned each day. She has never been this excited about learning and developing her faith. She wrapped up volleyball in November and will be starting Softball the end of this month. I have to admit I'm excited to get back in softball as well. She did so well last year I'm ready to jump in and see how she evolves this year.

Me...I'm doing well. Really homesick, but well. I've accepted a position with Care Medical, a medical supply company here in Cali. They have a branch in Templeton(town right next to Paso) and hired me as Account Executive or "traveling salesman" for our area. This is exactly what I wanted when I decided to return to college back in 2002 and now I finally have the chance to go for it. I start training next week then will do ride alongs with other salesman in the area and by mid February I should have my own territory. So pumped!!! As for the girls since they only go to school 4 days a week from 8:30-1:30, I'll take them to school then we've hired a nanny to pick them up and stay with them in the afternoons until we get home. They're excited, the nanny is actually the girl that has been helping with RoaraBElla, so they know and like her alot. Speaking of RoaraBella, I will continue to do some weekend shows and keep that going via Internet and Facebook. The original idea was to build it for the girls to have when they went to college as income so I will eventually fully turn it over to Roar to run and operate. Well, guess that's all for the Garretts. We miss everyone and hope that with my new job (extra income) we'll be able to fly home in the spring to see everyone. I want to get my hands on all those new babies. I check Facebook daily for new pics. Can't wait to see them in person. I also have posted tons of pics from expeditions we've had here is Cali so be sure and check out our page. Hope this finds everyone well.

Love and miss you all bunches!!!!

The Garretts
C, D, R, and B.B.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Headed out West!

Greetings Friends and Family,

Just a little update on the G Fam. We are headed out to Paso Robles, California to begin our new adventure around the first of September. Christian has been there for a month now working as the Director of Manufacturing for Scientific Drilling/Applied Technoligies. He is loving his new position and seeing great things happening within the company. The girls and I flew out for a visit/house hunting trip for 10 days and had an amazing time. Paso Robles is 30 min. from the Coast so we got to visit several beaches, C and R went horseback riding through the mountains, while B and I played on the shoreline in Cambria(B isn't quite old enough to handle a horse just yet). The weather there is awesome! The mornings started cool in the 60s then it would heat up during the day to a sunny 80/90 then cool off in the evenings back down to 60. Of course, being from Houston (100 degree + 100% humidity)we wore jackets most the time. You'll notice in almost all our pics we are wearing warm clothes and everyone around us is in summer wear.
We looked and looked at houses but didn't find "the One" so we'll probably live in Temporary housing (apartment/hotel suite) for a couple of months until we find what we're looking for.

I did get Roar enrolled into school. She will be attending Solid Rock Christian Academy there in Paso. It's a private/home school Co-op that includes Bible based curriculum as well as Upper level Academics. She is so excited and can't wait to get started. She went to youth group while we were in Paso and met some great people there. Bella is excited to have a "New House" and "New Friends". It's funny to hear her talk about "Having a move". Her insight is so adorable. Everything new we've experienced she tells me "I'm gonna tell my Ana" or "my Tia" (her sitters) or "Mrs.Coffman" (last yrs. teacher). She can't wait to share all her new stuff with her old friends. :o) So cute!

As for our house in Houston, It's coming along. Most of the major stuff is done, now it's just the little finishing touches to complete. I will be watching alot of Youtube to learn out to install lighting, hook up faucets, etc. Thanks to Uncle Marty's help, after Christian finished up the major work, the carpenter work and painting that I couldn't do has been brought to a managable state for me to figure out. :o) Could of never done it without his help. The girls and I will be spending the remainder of our time in Houston working but are open to visitors if anyone wants to stop by to say "Bye". I was hoping I could make it to Haskell before we headed out but looks like I am running out of time. Know that I miss you all greatly and hope that one day you would consider coming to see us. Hope all is well.

Love to all!!!!

Christian, Dee, Roar and Bella B.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hola Mi Amigos!

Hola! I hope everyone is well, I know everyone is hot!!!!! It has been a scorcher here in the big H-town. I have been trying to run early in the morning before it hits the triple digits which is hard cause by about 8:30am it feels like it's already there. Not much going on in the Garrett world. Christian has been wheeling and dealing in his business so he is staying busy with that, then when 5 o'clock rolls around you can find him out back working on his latest project... a boat "for the family". I am anxious to take out this "family" boat. lol! Per Christian it sounds great (loud!) and goes really fast....which is everything I was looking for in a family boat. :o) For those of you that don't know, Christian loves boats and this is our second, I know the neighbors are loving us when he brings them both home, with two boats and four cars and only two drivers, a narrow street and small driveway makes for a redneck appearance in a city environment. lol! We did get to go sailing on a huge boat with one of Christian's clients last weekend and it was amazing. I had never been on a (what I would call a yacht) sail boat before. It was so peaceful once you got through all the work. Put up the sails, tighten the sails, move the sails, take down the sails, lift the sails. Needless to say we slept very well after our journey, but had a really good time.

Besides all that Belly is growing so fast and talking up a storm. She is getting so big, everyday she does something amazing and I have been fortunate enough to be at home all summer to enjoy it. She will be starting school next year two days a week. It makes me sad that she is so big but I know life can't stand still.

Roar has spent the first couple weeks of summer in Haskell with the fam. and is now in East Texas with Roman's family for the rest of July. So we really hadn't seen much of her this summer. She does call everyday to check in, and basically make sure we aren't doing anything fun without her. She will be in 5th grade this year (OMG!) and I am expecting her to be as tall as I (5'5") by the end of the year. At last measurement she had grown 1.5" since Jan.

As for me, I finally got the call and will be teaching 2nd grade at Lamkin Elementary. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I know great things are in the works for us and I am so blessed to have found a job with the economy being so crazy right now. I have been off resting and relaxing since May so I am anxious to get back to work. Boredom is about to set in. Well, that's the latest and greatest on the Garretts. I hope you all are healthy and happy. May you all be blessed and enjoy the rest of the summer! Would love to hear from you all!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's been a while.

Greetings to all! I hope this post finds everyone well. We are wet here in Houston, as a matter of fact all schools have been closed for the day due to flooding. So when I say wet I mean WET! I have decided to take a day of R & R and catch up on the things that I haven't had time to do. First and foremost updating the blog, next sitting on the couch and after that probably napping. :-) After the eventful weekend we had... we are all exhausted. Let me give you the low down on the clan and the eventful weekend we experienced. (Just another day in the life of a Wallace of course!)
For starters I woke up bright and early Friday morning to get myself ready and the kids prepared for the day. Christian was off in Louisiana on a project and I had my last teaching observation scheduled. As I headed through the kitchen from the living room for my morning Java, I slipped in a puddle of water. Thinking to myself, "What did the girls spill that I missed last night?" As I look for the source I discover water dripping from the upper floor through the door facing. So I beat it upstairs to check on my children and can't find anything UNTIL I get to the far guest bedroom in back corner of our house where I hear water running through the walls. Of course I don't dare turn on a switch so I run back downstairs to look for a flashlight, as I finally come across the smallest flashlight in the world, I head back to the second floor to investigate the problem. I open the closet door in the guest room and water in running out of the light socket. The entire closet is soaked. So I head to the third story to find the source. Low and behold water heater has bit the big one and in running down two stories. OMG! Daddy (Christian) is gone, girls are a sleep and it's 5:00am who am I gonna call???? So... I try C. luckily he answers. He instructs me to turn off all water supply to the house and he will wrap up his business in LA and head home. Still hadn't had shower at this point and now no water supply to the house. So I call my trusty neighbors (Abbott 911)and I ask if I can run over to shower. To make a long story short...that started the weekend. In addition to Friday's fun filled morning, the A/C unit went out on Sunday, Christian stopped up the kitchen sink with potato peelings, then went to fix the clogged pipe and it exploded from the pressure blowing potato chunks ALL over my kitchen. In addition to that I had a interview with the District on Monday to get ready for and my computer printer quit working. What can we learn from this eventful weekend...No matter how many time you try to change your last name you will be forever be a Wallace and have Wallace luck! In the end though I am proud to say I am a survivor, a broke survivor due to numerous repairs necessary but a survivor!
Thankfully we all have our health and have homeowners insurance that cost us a fortune and luckily they have written us a check for 1,300 whopping dollars to fix three stories of water damage and replace two floors. What is wrong with this picture, you ask? When you figure it out let me know. LOL! Like I said in the end we all have our health. Hope you all had a better weekend than us. Just call us The Garrett's...survivors of pretty much any disaster but at the end of our rope. We ask God for better days and we trust He will grant us with such!

Peace and Good Will!
The Garretts

Monday, January 5, 2009

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Christmas Break 2008

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You're never too old for Starbucks and Daddy sugars.

You're never too old for Starbucks and Daddy sugars.

Taking a shopping break

Taking a shopping break

Daddy and his girls on the Riverwalk

Daddy and his girls on the Riverwalk

Momma Garrett and Big Sister on the Riverwalk

Momma Garrett and  Big Sister on the Riverwalk

Weekend in San Antonio

Weekend in San Antonio
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